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Tohatsu MD90C2EPTOUL Outboard Motor

Tohatsu MD90C2EPTOUL Outboard Motor
Tohatsu MD115A2EPTOL Outboard Motor
Tohatsu MD90C2EPTOUL Outboard Motor
Tohatsu MD90C2EPTOL Outboard Motor
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Type: Outboard Motor

Year: Current

Model: MD90

Model Number: MD90C2EPTOUL

Series: Two Stroke Direct Injection

HP: 90

Model: MD90

Cylinders: 3

Output: 90 hp

SKU: Tohatsu MD90C2EPTOUL Outboard Motor

Categories: Outboard, Tohatsu

Description :

Type: Outboard Motor

Year: Current

Model: MD90

Model Number: MD90C2EPTOUL

Series: Two Stroke Direct Injection

HP: 90

Model: MD90

Cylinders: 3

Output: 90 hp

Displacement: 1267 cc (77.3

Bore x Stroke: 86 x 72.7 mm (3.39 x 2.86 in)

Starting System: Electric

Control Type: Remote Control

Gear Shift: Forward - Neutral - Reverse

Gear Ratio: 2.33

Propeller Selection Range: 11" - 21"

Shaft Length: 25"

Fuel: Unleaded Gasoline (87 Octane)

Oil Type: Premium TCW-3

Fuel Tank: Optional

Weight: 337 lbs

Alternator Output: 12V, 280W, 23A

Max. RPM Range: 5,150 - 5,850

Direct Fuel Injection: Standard

Inductive Ignition System: Standard

Start In Gear Protection: Standard

Thermostat Controlled Cooling System: Standard

Through-The-Prop Exhaust: Standard

Variable Idle Speed: 700, 800, 900 rpm

Power Trim and Tilt: Yes

12V charging system: Yes

Tachometer: Yes

Propeller: Yes

Oil Injection: Yes

Tachometer: Yes


Air assisted direct fuel injection system that provides excellent fuel economy

Extremely quiet operation

Excellent horsepower-to-weight ratio

Lightweight and compact

Ultra-low emission, EPA and CARB approved

3+1 Year limited warranty

Inductive ignition system for reliable starting

Outstanding acceleration

Oil reservoir located on the top of the motor for quicker and easier refill onboard

Electronic oil pump for more precise oil regulation throughout the rpm range

Multi-point oil injection system to more completely lubricate vital engine components

Power Trim & Tilt

Remote control box**

Through-the-prop exhaust for a quieter ride

Thermostatically controlled cooling system for consistent engine temperature

Stainless steel water pump housing liner for outstanding durability

High grade marine aluminum alloy that provides the ultimate protection against corrosion

Zinc coating on internal water passages for superior corrosion resistance

User adjustable idle and trolling speeds

Tachometer and Trim & Tilt Gauge**

Aluminum propeller

Low oil level warning (visual and audible)

Overheat warning (visual and audible)

Battery voltage warning (visual only)

Start-in-gear protection for safer engine starting

Safety lanyard (an essential protection feature standard on all Tohatsu outboards)

Over-rev. limiter

** Remote control models

3 Years International Warranty

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