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NEW 2013 Four Winns H230 SS

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2013 Four Winns Horizon 230 SS, 23' Super Sport with Mercruiser 350 Mag and Bravo III drive, 300 hp

SKU: NEW 2013 Four Winns H230 SS

Categories: Boats Sports, Four Winns

2013 Four Winns Horizon 230 SS, 23' Super Sport with Mercruiser 350 Mag and Bravo III drive, 300 hp.  Do not purchase this boat with just a single prop. It is a bit more money for the Duo Prop drive but in the long run you will appreciate the performance of this boat when fully loaded. This boat is hot. Wakeboard tower arch with speakers was also installed.  This custom aluminum arch is easy to collapse for storage in a boat lift or garage.  It has an extremely sporty look to it. A walk thru door was installed between the consoles for cooler weather boating. A table with mount was installed for entertaining in the boat. Thru hull exhaust with captains choice at the helm. The large built in extended swim platform with custome gel coat and deluxe rubber mat. The SS graphics are extremely sporty. The boat has an upgraded premium sound system with amplifier and speakers in the wake tower. The Duo Prop drive has dual stainless steel propellers. The captains chair has a flip up bolster. The Massive storage space through the entire boat, each side of the engine compartment has great storage also. Bow and cockpit covers are included. A transom shower off the back to wash off dirty feet is installed already. The ski locker is very large for any kind of toy. The trailer is also included in the price with tandem axles and aluminum wheels.

 Manufacturer    Four Winns  
 Model Year    2013  
 Model    H230 SS  
 Price    US $31,950.00  
 Length (feet)    23  
 Hull Material    Fiberglass

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