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2014 Nitro Z6

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17’ 4” NITRO Z6 with a Mercury 115 Pro XS Optimax

SKU: BUJ33434F314

Categories: Boats Sports, Nitro

17’ 4” NITRO Z6 with a Mercury 115 Pro XS Optimax

SKU : BUJ33434F314

Year : 2014

Options & Upgrades This Package Includes:

  • White / Black / Sterling
  • Lowrance Mark-5x Depth Finder In-Dash at Console
  • Full Instrumentation
  • Tilt Steering
  • MotorGuide 12v Trolling Motor w/ 55lbs. Thrust
  • Swing-Away Trailer Tongue
  • 2-Bank On-Board Charger
  • Bike Seat w/ Pro Pole at Bow
  • Folding Fishing Seat w/ Pedestal at Aft
  • Step to bow deck w/Insulated cooler
  • Center Bow Rod/Gear Locker for Rods up to 7' 6"
  • Port & Starboard Bow Lockers w/ Room for Rods up to 7' 6"
  • Passenger Rod Storage w/ Hold Down Strap
  • Step to Bow Deck w/ Insulated Cooler
  • Port & Starboard Aft Lockers w/ Drop-In Boxes Molded to Accept Tackle Trays
  • 3-Across Seating w/ Steps to Aft Deck & Helm & Buddy Seat Storage w/ Drains
  • NITRO Exclusive Fold Down Boarding Ladder
  • 34 Gallon Aerated Livewell(s) with Pump In, Recirculation, and Pump-Out Modes.
  • Bow Panel w/ Engine Tilt Controls
  • Batteries, Fire Ext, Throw Cushion, Motor Toter, Tie Downs, ETC…All Included!!!



17' 4''

Weight (approx.)

1300 Lbs.

Max. Recommended HP

115 HP

Package Weight (approx.)

2500 Lbs.

Package Width


Max. Person Capacity

3 Persons

Fuel Capacity

22 Gallons

Storage Length

18' 10''


12 degrees

Transom Height




Max. Weight Capacity

1100 Lbs.



Max. Person Weight

460 Lbs.

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